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Apply here !

New application

Name: NickPrevious clans : Gsc - GTXPlayed AC for about : 5 1/2 yearsNation - Netherlands( Born in UK)Age- 19Known Language: Dutch, English and a bit germanWilling to participate in events: In weekends yes.( I have a busy job)Contact me through Ki...
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Apply here !

New Application

Your Name- 5crew_Dr!v3rPrevious clan- N/APlayed Assault Cube for - 3 yrs on/offNation-IndiaKnown Languages- English, Hindi, Telugu, Age- 28Willing to participate in competitions/clan-matches(Yes/No)- Yes(when available)
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Apply here !

Recruitment by Asian invasion

ASIAN_INVASIONno previous clan3 years on and offNew ZealandEnglish17Yes(if my internet is up to it)
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