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I would gladly want it.
Since soon i will be online more.
But if you find someone more worthy then give it to them
me and giga will evaluate :)
Preferably, I'd nominate someone who is not only active amongst these forums but also on the official AC forums as well. Like me.

But the most important thing is dat ur very active in-game and that you consider yourself a representative of the clan... dominating pubs, actively looking for strong players willing to join ur clan, competing in inters, and making AC a more enjoyable experience for everyone else, the pubs mostly. We ned to keep dis game alive
Then i won't volunteer. with my job it's hard to come online much.
what was his position?
He was one of the leader !
Oh, haha. #notcutoutforthat
I want that position and i will rape anyone who say the opposite jajajjajaja jk
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